Text Cancel Alerts

Text messages alert you when your policy is in danger of cancelling. Get Kemper EZPaysm Text Cancel Alerts and let us do the work for you.

*Policy Number:
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Digits only, include area code
*Terms of Service:
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Pay anywhere, anytime
If you ever miss a payment for any reason, we’ll send an alert right to your mobile phone via text message. We’ll include a link to let you pay right from your phone - anywhere, anytime. Sign up now.

Driving without insurance is illegal, and being involved in an accident without insurance could devastate you financially. Plus, a lapse in coverage could increase your costs on future insurance policies you may buy.

You won't receive any unsolicited text messages or phone calls.

Do what you love
We understand you’re busy. Life is hectic and things happen. Let us help you stay legal and protected while you spend more time doing what you love.